On the Frankenstein Phone

Land line phones are essentially a thing of the past. That being said they're much easier to mod then dense, microchip saturated smart phones that grow in our pockets.  This is why when I decided my land line phone was being inconvenient, I'd rip it apart and change it until it was convenient.  Here's how it started:
 This is what its guts look like after you use brute force and ignorance (and a screwdriver) to open it:
 This is what I wanted to replace the... button thingy, that controls when it picks up and hangs up...
 this is inside this very old antique electrical switch:
 and this is what it looks like after I've replaced the button, with a big bad-ass switch from the 50's.
The phone crackles a little when I hang up, but now I don't need to put it back on the base to hang up... hell, if I replace the cable I don't even need to be near  the base.  Hence why I modded it. That and I like the electronic guts and antiquated components, like modding your laptop to have a vaccum tube transistor... I need to do that some time...

-The Baron

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-Survivor or something like it said...

I haven't seen one of those thing-a-magigers in a decade at least!