In Which The Hero Doesn't Die

Baron here. Did you know I could fit a fire extinguisher in at least one of the pockets in every jacket I own? (not a coincidence)

It's official. I can fire dance. Not well, but I'm told there is a "practice" step that comes in between beginner and awesome. (I'm sceptical)

I'm also told you're supposed to be good at poi before you light them on fire. Might have been a good plan, but what the heck, I'm not dead, and I'm pleased with the way this video turned out:

-The Burning Baron


-Survivor or something like it said...

Very impressive! Glad you didn't catch on fire!

The Baron said...

Thankyou! I think I'll up the anti next time and do it without a shirt on. Lesson from burning man: "who the hell fire dances with a shirt???"

-Survivor or something like it said...

Where you the burning man?

The Baron said...

Nope. At the "burning man festival" one hopes there is only one burning man, a 10 foot tall wooden effigy of a man on top of one of the worlds largest bon fire pyres. Only saw one person accidentally light themselves on fire, and he was fine once he realized and put it out. (ruined a perfectly good top hat though)