On An Disappearance (mine)

You may have noticed that I haven't stuck to my "post-a-day" plan at all. Reasons are multi-fold.  To start with, I have been letting my last post soak up some publicity before I post something that will hit readers first. Second, I've been very productive in my own little world: I overclocked a computer for the first time, I set up another ssh server in an operating system other then ubuntu, I've started another QR code marketing campaign.  That being said, there are 2 more days left of this month and that's approximately the amount of original content I can provide from the stock pile of experience from the past week and a half. In other words, I'll write a post tomorrow documenting some things that make me stranger then your average bear, plus one more Friday Free stuff question ( by the way people, come on, there is hilarity and free stuff you can sell on ebay just waiting to be sent to you!).

All for now,

-The Baron

ps- check out Bob-rz on deviant art. The man is Hilarious, and quiet possibly next Sundays artist in focus if the person I've been waiting on doesn't have their art digitized yet.

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