On A Dresden Codak Laptop Mod

Here is a project I did a while ago, while I attempt to catch up on my list of awesome stuff to do.  I thought to myself one day while sitting in foulab, "wow! I have all the materials And tools to do an awesome laptop mod, AND 24 hours of free time. Maybe there is a god..." after having a quick conversation with all my renegade personalities, we decided the only thing awesome enough to dedicate this laptop mod would be Aaron Diaz's Dresden Codak (not the mexican pop star, his laptop mod will look like this).  This Mod went through two iterations because the first time I didn't have time to smooth the edges.  Observe:
Similar to the hoody (my favorite article of clothing) on the table next to it, the design in the laptop glows (thanks to the backlight).

 This is what it looks like at the moment:
Sadly, I need to do it a third time, but I'm holding off until I have the art of silk screening mastered, the above was done with tape, a razor blade and a printout.

All for now,

-The Baron

ps. materials list:
-car body putty
-lots of black spray paint
Don't hesitate to ask me anything.

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Anonymous said...

have you ever considered using a stencil? Silkprinting does not work very well on assembled items. If you have the skill to do that good a job with tape, you can cut a frisket (available at art supplie stores) or use a transparent label (8x10) print the design onto it. Cut out your design and use silkprinting acrylic paint to stamp the design onto your laptop. Leave to cure 72 hours and it's as permanent as you can get. Use a paper towel or fine sponge to dap the paint on in thin coats.