On The Path to Embodying Pure Evil

I've been meaning to make it abundantly clear to people that;
1. I'm not to be trifled with and
2. Experimenting with how far I need to go before people start calling the happy home on me.
The following is by far my best attempt to come of as a dangerous psychopath in a long time. You would not believe how fun it is to call up an old friend (who you are aware is getting into taxidermy as a hobby) and offer to drive around and pick up road kill for giggles. It's fun. Ignoring the intrinsic hilarity that swerving off the highway for a dead animal entails... ignoring the fundamental comedy that is trying (failing) to walk non-nonchalantly down a busy road while carrying a partially crushed rodent.... I had a vested interest in collecting dead things. Namely, I want to make my shiny new xbox into a bone horror. That is, I'm looking to harvest the bones from these animals and turn the xbox, and a controller, into something that a necromancer might call his cigar box. Here is the state of that project:
Blurry night time picture of a freshly dug grave
I've buried the animals we found hopefully bellow the frost line so that they will continue to decompose over winter. With any luck, in a couple months when the ground above it has become soft enough to dig again the meat and organs will be gone and I'll be able to dig up bones that I will wash, bleach, and work into an xbox design. At the moment I may not have enough dead matter to complete the project (2 raccoons and 1/2 a porcupine). We shall see. In the mean time, click below for pictures of dead things and gore. Consider yourself warned.

-The Baron

ps. if you clicked on the links, the answer is gravel.