On Video Games and a Symbiotic Relationship With Fitness

Baron here. Some delays in posting.  You may have noticed I failed to post Tuesday.   Also, Todays "Artist in focus" post will be postponed. For now:

I like being in shape. Alot. Asides from zombie survival it makes rescuing and wooing ladies notably easier.  I recently got an xbox 360 to kill time and try and reconnect with my generation.
Mindless, but amusing game.
 It's working, but astonishingly it is having a positive impact on my fitness. How? I keep a tally of the number of enemies I've killed or the experience points I've gotten. As shown here:
Pointless photo
In this case, for every five "locust" (hostile subterranean alien of indeterminate origin and genome) I do either 50 situps, 25 pushups, 15 pullups or 2 minutes jogging depending on which I'm feeling up for. It's working, because I stop playing video games for the day when I'm tired.

-The Baron


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