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Hermione Mora said...

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Cherry Hill Anti-Terrorism

ark pelt said...

I reallt don't care about the government spying on me. Srsly! It doesn't affect any of us at all! The only thing they block is child porn and videos of people killing other people! If you want to destroy that protection then you should go to a doctor or straight up get yourself in prison where you are save from the world outside!

xcom 2 workshop said...

Don't fall for this people, their so called privacy pack is just a bunch of outdated and really obvious apps and add ons that will attract attention of potential spys more than it will protect you... Just make sure to understand your privacy settings well on social media and use simple and non invasive browser add ons like Ghostery to avoid being a tool for analytics and whatnot. This is the smartest thing to do to be protected from companies. But there's really not much you can do to be protected from higher entities if you've ever entered personal info on the web or paid for something online. If they want it they'll find it.
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olive oil ear infection said...

The internet started from the government using it for communication. If you really want to "Reset" it. You wouldn't even have access to it.

I'm against the NSA spying but this is a useless cause. Its a front to make us look like we have a say. Apple and their bio-metrics devices. The Telecommunication monopoly that's reforming in front of our eyes are the enemy. Attacking the NSA will bring 0 results but its a nice slogan.