On Learning Spanish

Today I signed up for spanishpod101.com. I figured it would be a useful resource for learning Spanish and I trust them because I've been listening to their podcasts for free for over 2 weeks now.  I'm learning with my father who is currently working in Spain.  Learning another language sounds like one of those interesting father son activities that can be done via email.  I've yet to finish learning how to use pod101 as an effective learning tool but I want to start building up steam on this project.  Consiquently I've just sent dad this email: (please keep in mind he works on ships and will be overseeing construction in spain.)

So I think I found a useful website/program for teaching us Spanish. That being said, separating the chaf from the wheat is always a bit of a challenge, hence today I'm going to give you 10 vocab words, in sentences.  Memorize them tonight (the words, not the sentences).

1.Tiene con dos motores.
It has two engines.
2.El eje gira.
The shaft is turning. 
3. ¿Dónde está el dique seco?
Where is the dry dock?
4.Que son rápidos.
You are fast.
5.Él es lento.
He is slow.
6. El clima es caluroso.
The weather is hot.
7.Hace frío a la noche.
It is cold at night.
8.El acero es mas de aja.
The steel is over there.
9.Abierta esa válvula.
Open that valve.
10.Él está en la cocina.
He is in the kitchen.

Good luck, I'll be memorizing them too.

I used Google Translate for this and got some post-human assistance with it as well.  Turns out the dialects of Spanish heavily effect spelling and pronunciation but I figure I'll worry about that once I have the hand of SP101.

-The Baron